Diploma: 120 | B.Tech: 120 | M.Tech(Thermal Engineering):24


“To be regionally, nationally and internationally recognized, committed to blossom into Centre of Excellence, and produce competent engineers to shoulder the responsibilities of transforming the nation into a technologically, socially and to conduct state-of-the-art research.”



  • To educate, prepare, inspire, and mentor students to excel as professionals and to grow throughout their careers in the art, science, and responsibilities of engineering. 
  • Constantly updating the departmental resources, faculty and other infrastructure by acquiring state of the art equipment's and by imparting constant in-service training to the faculty and supporting staff.
  • Providing state of the art education and training to the students.
  • Engaging in academic and scholarly activities, which strengthen the major’s regional, national, and international reputation.
  • Motivating students to excel by augmenting their knowledge to continuing education program.
  • Inculcating the feeling of oneness and service to humanity, in the minds of students to serve the society better.
  • Carrying out purposeful research