Diploma: 60 | B.Tech :60 |M.Tech(Power Systems Control and Automation) :24


Our vision is to be a premier source of Electrical Engineering talent and research in India. This means our graduates are successful, our research is innovative, and we are the intellectual center for our discipline in the south India region


We prepare students for successful careers and lifelong learning in Engineering and research through 
Knowledge creation Technology development Innovation

Short Term Goals

To improve academic excellence.
To improve results above 90%..
To tmodernize all the laboratories.
To establish and maintain facilities and infrastructure that are second to none in supporting the achievement of the college’s vision, mission, and values.
To organize various add on courses for the students.
To encourage the faculty to participate in National / International events and also in research activities.

Long Term Goals

Upgrading infrastructure and lab facilities from time to time and providing adequate opportunities for students and researchers to learn the innovative ideas.
Making a perfect blend of industrial exposure coupled with good technical base.
Achieving 100% results and placements
Providing society oriented services
Training students to become entrepreneurs